domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008

How is world changing?

It's my first time writing in English in a blog. I have to do it because it is a part of my course about digital journalism. That's why I decided to create a blog about changes in my journalism job with Internet 2.0.
For many of us, beginning our job in a newspaper in digital time it's an opportunity to get used to connect our paper job with websites. But technology is going quickly than us, so many times we don't have enough time to discover what news are in Internet going on. Suddenly, we have new challenges in our nose.
In the other hand, living in the middle of news and close to technology give us the opportunity to create better communication possibilities, using new tools to share information and connecting people.
The question is if we are prepared to do it...

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blogonauta dijo...

I´m not sure if I agree with this author in one thing: the combination of doing good journalism for the newspaper and, also, explore the internet is not that "easy" as it may seem ("it is not hard to get used to combine our paper job with websites"...).
For me it´s very hard indeed. ¿why? because one thing I´ve learned in my 20 years doing newspaper journalism, is that to be able to writte "good" stories, is not the same that just writting, for the sake of it.